How to organize your wedding
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For every woman, the wedding day is one of the most awaited event in her life. Make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. Take these tips into consideration and you are sure to have a memorable and beautiful wedding.
Have at least one or two assistant. In as much as you’d want to take charge over everything, accept the fact that will still be needing assistance from other people.
Always bring a notebook with you. Write everything down.
Be strict in following schedules. Make sure that you follow your schedules or else, you could mess up the whole plan.
Delegate responsibility to your assistants as soon as you can. Cascade responsibilities right away in order to maintain only the tasks that you currently have.
Work backwards. Plan way ahead of time and work everything backwards.
Focus on what YOU have to do. Trust your assistants. Meddling too much with what they have to do may cause you to forgot of your own responsibilities.
Make follow-up calls as often as you can. Know the status of everything. Make sure that you always have an updated report at least twice a week.
Venue, food, invitation.- These are the time consuming and probably three of the most important factors to consider when preparing for a wedding.
Keep an open line with your fiancé. Share everything with your fiancé. He might want to offer a hand to get some things done the better way.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Relax. You’re not a robot. Don’t expect too much from yourself. As long as you keep an open line with your assistants and your fiancé then you are sure that things will go smoothly.
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